Homemade Facial Scrub – Easy, Simple & Cheap

Homemade facial scrub is an easy, simple and cheap beauty product. There is no need to spend money on scrub in the drug store or department store. You can make your own with just a few natural ingredients straight from your kitchen pantry. Oatmeal and honey are just two of the ingredients you can make an excellent healing and moisturizing scrub that works just as well as an commercial product does for only pennies. Why pay more for a product from the store that is full of artificial ingredients that just aren’t good for your skin?

Homemade facial scrub using sugar makes a great exfoliant, and leaves you with fresh, glowing skin. If you want to, you can also make the same thing using fine salt; however, it is more abrasive and better left for the body. Baking soda is another product from your cupboard that makes a fine exfoliant. You will be very surprised at just how quick and easy it is to make this skin care product yourself from a number of natural ingredients.

Homemade facial scrub can be easily customized with your own choice of essential oils. Essential oils will make your scrub smell great, but also provides some therapeutic benefits as well. For example, tea tree, lavender, geranium and lemon oil are all are reported to help heal and soothe skin afflicted by acne. You can also incorporation salicylic acid, a well-known aid to unclog pores and reduce sebum production, by simply crushing a few aspirin tablets into your scrub. However, adding salicylic acid to your scrubs should only be done if you have oily skin. It is too harsh to be included for scrubs for dry skin.

Homemade facial scrub is not at all an inferior skin care product just because it wasn’t purchased in an expensive department store. All too often, skin care consumers fall for fancy packaging and advertising campaigns, not for what is actually in the jar. There are many ultra expensive skin care lines that really do not offer anything better for your skin than less expensive or homemade beauty products do.

Facial Scrubs As Beauty Products

The market for beauty products is quite substantial. The industry raked in $15 billion in 2007, and its market share has grown since then. One-fifth of that revenue was earned through face care products. The growth of this segment shows that many people still consider their face as their crowning glory, and the care and attention given to it is evident from the sales of such products.

Facial scrubs are part of this growing demand. You’ve probably used one or at least have heard of these products through advertisements. They are made from natural substances or chemicals, and many people prefer to choose one over the other.

What exactly do these beauty products do for you? They perform the important task of exfoliation, which is basically taking off dead skin, exposing a new layer. Skin is exposed everyday to different harsh elements. That’s why the skin sometimes feels rough-those are dead skin cells that you’re touching. Exfoliation peels away that layer.

Good facial scrubs exfoliate using either chemical or natural ingredients. Their chemical components include salicylic acid or lactic acid. These elements aren’t dangerous to your skin if you use them sparingly. Frequent use can damage or irritate your skin.

Some of these face care beauty products also use natural components. Salts, sugars, sand, and ground almonds may be part of the natural mixture. These are abrasive materials that literally rub the dead skin off your face.

Because of the nature of their ingredients, facial scrubs should be used regularly, but definitely not every day. They’re good for exfoliation, and they really should be used for face care, but only once a week at the most. If you use them more frequently, these materials have the potential of doing more harm than good. They can damage your face by irritating it too much. If you get symptoms like skin rashes or raw skin, you might be using these products a little too much. That may be a sign for you to cut down on them.

The way you use facial scrubs also has a direct effect on their effectiveness. These beauty products should be used correctly. You can do this by massaging a small amount directly onto your face and neck. This ensures that all visible areas that need exfoliation are covered. In addition to this, you shouldn’t rub it too hard, as that will definitely cause skin irritation. Gentle massages are all that is needed.

Today’s face care product market is continually growing. There are more and more people realizing the need for different skin care products especially made for the face. You have a lot of choices when you use facial scrubs, as there are both chemical and natural choices. Both of these are good exfoliants in beauty products. However, you shouldn’t overdo it, because if you do, there may be unforeseen consequences that you don’t want at all. Your face is your crowning glory, after all, and it deserves the finest attention and the best facial scrubs available on the market.

Facial Cleansers Like a Facial Scrub Are the Best Solutions For Facial Oily Skin

There are several things in life which most of us have to grapple with at some point or another. Sadly one of those things is acne damage. Regardless of whether you knew it or not, this skin ailment affects nearly 80 percent of the population. Yes without a doubt, not too many individuals get to evade the wrath of acne and zits. Obviously the main element to managing this continual skin issue is determining what works. You’ll find so many facial cleansers on the market today, and it is highly likely at least one of them can benefit your facial oily skin. Next, it’s time to find out a little bit more about your current alternatives.

At some point or another you have probably viewed facial cleansers marketed using a TV infomercial which includes a number of the best facial oily skin treatments currently available. Many women, men, and teenagers use a facial scrub to keep their pimples in balance. The brands of topical cream treatments has actually expanded over recent years, and now a lot of companies provide a a lot more products in their lineup. A facial scrub is not only an acne emulsion therapy. It is actually a skincare routine that is made up of no less than 3 steps, that are done morning and evening. There are also different ranges of these acne treatment systems for facial oily skin. This way personalized acne issues can be handled employing the proper facial cleansers for the scenario.

Several of the best acne product treatment and therapy alternatives right now are on your salon quality online sites. Numerous web based retailers concentrate on acne treatment solutions for facial oily skin. It is possible to apply a huge choice of these items however the most effective facial cleansers are formulated for specific facial oily skin issues like rosacea. The principal pitch of these solutions is that they offer separate treatment routines to accommodate different kinds of skin and types of acne breakouts. This is something mall acne skin care product lines fail to do. Therefore make sure you be certain to look into the product and not just the pretty front label. It is possible to have a peek on several quality skincare product internet sites to understand what your personal skin ID number is.

When it comes to what acne facial cleanser or facial scrub performs the best, this genuinely just depends on you and your skin type. While one individual might prefer a complete skin care regimen built to combat acne breakouts, another individual might require basic facial cleansers to employ for that occasional pimple. If you are uncertain about what acne skin care treatments are right for you and your skin complaint, it is advisable to go to a skin specialist or physician to obtain further information. These professionals can take a close look at your complexion and give you personal answers or suggestions.

The Truth About Facial Scrubs

In the past, washing your face simply meant taking a wash cloth and scrubbing your face with soap and water and rinsing it off.

These days, washing your face means applying a cleanser, massaging it in, tissuing it off or rinsing it off with water.
Then you soak a cotton ball with a toner to remove all traces of the cleanser and tone your skin.
At least once a week, a facial scrub might be applied before the toner, in which a grainy cream or wash is massaged onto skin to get rid of dirt and slough off dead skin cells to keep skin clear.

Is all that necessary?

Do you really need facial scrubs?

Actually, the old fashioned way of using a wash cloth to scrub your skin is akin to what the facial scrubs do. If you simply cleanse and rinse your skin without sloughing off the dead skin cells, chances are, the skin might get flaky leading to dry looking skin that is dehydrated beneath.

Another possibilitiy is that the debris left behind might clog the pores, giving bacteria the perfect breeding ground which can well lead to acne.

Hence regular scrubs are necessary.

So why buy a scrub when a wash cloth will do?

Personally, I’d rather not use a wash cloth. The thought of bacteria or mould breeding on that wash cloth is enough for me to turn to the first off-the-shelf facial scrub I can find. Sure, use a wash cloth if you intend to send it to the laundry every day and use a fresh wash cloth each day.

Imagine scrubbing your face with the wash cloth. The bacteria and dirt from the skin gets left behind on the cloth. Rinsing it with water wouldn’t get rid of all the bacteria and soap. As you leave the washcloth in the bathroom, which I assume, doubles up as the toilet, the bacteria from doing business floats in the air. Bacteria from the air happily breeds on the moist washcloth which you then use to scrub your face at night.

Okay, I sound like a germ phobe and if your skin is fine with that, a wash cloth should do.

Alternatively, you could make your own scrub. I tried that. A tiny jar of powdered almonds makes a good scrub. Dip your fingers into it, add water, mix and you have got a scrub. The problem is the almond powder left in the damp bathroom, mould and bacteria thrive. If you do not take care, the moisture in the scrub introduced by wet fingers encourage mould and bacteria to thrive which can lead to disastrous results if you use it on your skin, since that home made scrub does not contain anything that would kill the mould or bacteria.

Another popular facial scrub is plain old sugar. My skin didn’t like it as it was rough. Akin to rubbing sandpaper on your face. Add to the ants that decided to colonize the bathroom, or rather, my sugar scrub, I switched back to store bought facial scrubs [http://www.cheapestsale.com/health/scrub.html]
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