Appreciating a Facial Scrub

Nowadays, more people are taking a keener interest in their facial appearance, with more indulging in a regular facial scrub. Women are not the only ones concerned about their looks; it is also the men, who are the meta-males of today, who care about their looks.

Daily Routine

It is highly recommended by facial experts and dermatologists to care for the skin regularly, as the face has an exposure to the multiple pollutants in the environment every minute. A simple face wash is insufficient, no matter how many times you splash water over the face. The pollutants may have logged into the pores and creases of the skin.

A facial scrub is more effective in getting rid of these unwanted intruders, as well as removing the dead cells of the skin regularly, to leave the face looking fresh and supple.

Twice a week scrub routine is the minimum. However, a daily skincare routine that includes a facial scrub works best to ensure a healthy skin.

Life cycle

It is important to understand the life cycle of the skin and its cells. Skin cells live only for about 4-5 weeks before they die off. Then, new ones come on and the cycle is repeated. When the new cells come on, the skin looks fresh and soft.

Peel off the dead cells in the skin’s cell life cycle, so that new cells can develop. This is nature’s constant but gradual process, which requires some personal assistance such as a facial scrub. Without a proper facial scrub, the skin starts to take on a dull look, with unevenness in texture and color, due to non-removal of the layer of dead cells.

If you do not remove the old cells from the surface of the skin, the new cells cannot surface to absorb the atmospheric oxygen and vitamin D, for keeping the face soft and healthy.

Hence, a facial scrub is crucial in ensuring that the natural skin cell cycle is most effective for the benefit of the face.

Scrub Procedure

The best time to use a facial scrub is at night before bedtime. A night facial scrub on the face and neck areas will take off the layer of dirt and pollutants, which have accumulated throughout the day.

Squeeze some facial scrub foam, gel or cream onto the palm of the hand. Massage it onto the face and neck working up from the forehead center to the temple areas, before moving on to the chin and ear lobes. Wash the facial scrub off using warm water, before applying some night cream to nourish the cleansed areas.