Using Facial Scrub for Comedones Treatment

Blocked pores are the main reason of skin blemishes formation. That is why keeping pores clean and healthy is important step of skin care program aiming less breakouts and inflammation appearance. In order to unclog pores blocked with dry cells and sebum, one should develop a proper skin care routine.

Comedones (also called clogged pores) are non-inflamed acne form but they can turn into inflamed pimples if bacteria penetrates into the pore. There are two main types of comedones: blackheads (or open comedones with dark pigmented head) and whiteheads (closed comedones). They all form when the hair follicle becomes clogged with dry and dead skin cells combined with excessive oil produced by sebaceous gland.

To get rid of blackheads and whiteheads exfoliating products such as exfoliating scrubs and masks are widely used. These products help to speed up cells renewal and prevent them from trapping into the pore and also help to remove excessive sebum from the pores. This contributes greatly in keeping skin clean and radiant.

However, despite the fact that facial scrubs are very helpful for non-inflamed blackheads and whiteheads treatment, they are not recommended for use in inflammatory cases of acne. If the inflammation of comedones happens, using abrasive scrubs may lead to more skin irritation as well as spreading the bacteria to the rest of non-inflamed acne.

High quality scrub with tiny and gentle exfoliating granules is the best choice for blackheads treatment. Despite the fact that scrubs with big abrasive particles seem to be more effective, they can be too harsh and cause skin injuring. Another important rule is to choose products designed for your skin type and never use body scrubs for facial exfoliation.

Before using any scrub or exfoliating mask, do the patch test first to make sure it doesn’t cause allergic reaction and is gentle enough. Then wash your face with facial cleanser and apply the scrub on the wet skin. Rub it with a circular motions for about 1 minute and rinse with warm water. Then wash up with cold water to close the pores. Use the scrub one or twice a week and avoid over-exfoliation because it may cause skin irritation, make it more oily and sensitive.

Facial Scrubs – Are They Necessary and What To Look For?

What is a facial scrub and why should I use it?

A facial scrub also known as an exfoliator tends to be a thicker and more concentrated formula used to cleanse the skin. They contain micro particles to mechanically scrub the skin and help loosen and remove the top layer of dead skin cells. They should leave your skin noticeably smoother just after one application. Like all exfoliation, it is a nice treatment for both acne and wrinkles because it encourages the surfacing of newer, younger skin cells. This can also make your wrinkle cream, facial, or acne treatment more effective because it allows it to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin instead of being wasted on the dead skin cells sitting on top that often block absorption.

Unlike fruit acid peels that work chemically to loosen dead skin cells, facial scrubs uses gentle abrasion to correct skin issues or give the skin a polished appearance. The results you’ll get depend largely on the pressure you use, the ingredients in your scrub, and how often you use it.

Can I use a facial scrub if I have acne prone skin?

There is so much information out there that says “yes”, then there are others that say “no”. I personally believe that YES you are able to use facial scrubs as that is what has allowed me and the many other people I have helped achieve healthy new skin. The trick is to make sure that you don’t overuse them and that you are gentle with your application. You want to encourage the stimulation of new skin cells and the loosening of the old without actually clawing your skin off. Being rough will only cause more damage and sensitivity.

Facial scrubs are especially good for acne prone skin because they help remove dead skin, dirt, and other debris that often clog pores and cause pimples.

What should I look for in a facial scrub?

Here are the 3 key things that can make all the difference to your skin care regime:

  1. The particles contained in the scrub should not be too large. If the granules are too large you risk irritating and scratching your skin. You want something that is large enough to loosen the surface layer of the skin without leaving red marks behind but small enough to ensure thorough coverage. I strongly recommend a scrub that contains micro granules as well as fine particles like clay
  2. Your scrub formula should be soap free. Soap can be very irritating to the skin as it strips your skin of its natural oils leaving it dry and sensitive
  3. Select a product that contains a high concentrate of plant extracts, oils and essential oils to promote hydration, skin repair, regeneration and healing. Just like us, your skin cells need a variety of vitamins and antioxidants to grow healthy and strong, and the highest quality comes from nature itself.

How often should I use a facial scrub?

There is no one rule for how often to exfoliate however, I highly recommend no more than twice a week. You need to give your skin time to regenerate and repair, but if you are scrubbing it on a daily basis you may be aggravating your skin condition rather than treating it. Leave your face cleanser to do the daily work and your facial scrub to do the serious work once a week.

It’s also important to remember that when scrubbing, it is more effective to use less pressure for a longer period of time, than it is to scrub vigorously and quickly.

When you combine the use of face masks, fruit acid peels and steaming treatments in your skin care regime, you will find that you won’t need to perform a facial scrub anymore than once a week.

How fast does it work?

As I have mentioned before, using natural skin care ingredients are extremely effective but they do work from the deeper layers of the skin, therefore you must be patient and manage your expectations. The quality of your facial scrub plays a massive role too in the results you can expect to see. If it is filled with synthetic ingredients that act as fillers then that means there is less room for the good stuff and you aren’t getting as much out of your facial scrub as you should.

You will start to see minor improvements along the way, but it may take a few months of frequent use to see awesome results and with dedication; such a skin regimen can really improve skin problems such as acne, scarring, and wrinkles. You can get amazing skin by incorporating a good facial scrub into your routine.

How to Make Your Own Body Or Facial Scrub Easily

Ever thought about making a few of your own beauty products like body scrub? Well it really is not as difficult as you might have thought to be and more often than not you will probably end up with a product that is much less harsh on your skin.

To make a cheap yet effective body scrub, why not try to mix a bit of granular sugar with your body wash or hair shampoo? I have tried it myself a few times and now I keep a container in my bathroom filled with sugar for those days I decide to have a refreshing body scrub. The nice thing about using your own body wash along with the sugar is that you still get to clean yourself as usual while also removing dead skin cells. This in return will leave a healthy, glowing skin, but for even a better result remember to use a good moisturizer right after having your bath or shower.

For a cheap and effective facial scrub you can really use sugar with just about any kind of foaming face wash. The great thing about using a natural product is that there are no irritants that will cause your face to produce more oil which in return can result in more unwanted spots.

Be sure to not scrub your face more than three times a week as that can cause your skin to start being irritated which in return will leave your skin feeling dry and undernourished. By using a medicated or normal facial scrub too often and more than three times a week on an acne prone skin can also worsen your skin’s condition significantly.

Cleaning Your Skin – Facial Scrubs and Natural Cleaners

Cleaning the skin is a very important thing since it removes dead cells which can potentially cause blemishes and pimples. It also will take away the dust and dirt that chokes the pores on the skin. If the dust is permitted to acquire, it can block the pores so obstructing the secretion of the glands from coming to the head of the skin providing it the weapons it need to battle against infections, dangerous agents and so on. It also gives the shine or glow to the outside of the skin.

Facial Scrubs: Facial scrubs help clean the outer surface of the skin by removing the dead skins and the dust mechanically. We promote that you employ a facial scrub that contains a mild abrasive. The coarseness of these abrasives change. For instance, it may contain extremely fine, mild base of oatmeal or ground-up almonds. Some products may contain harder materials like silica or fine sand or the shells of almonds, apricots, or walnuts. Since ladies spend substantial more amount and time on makeups and skin care, we’d expect that their skin will be smoother and blemish free compared to that of men.

However, studies have found precisely the opposite. These studies have found that men have fewer marks and smoother skin than ladies on the face. Pros suggest that men are exfoliating their faces each day by shaving. The razor takes away the top layer of dead cells each day. This permits the skin to respire and eliminate waste far easier. This is the reason why men’s facial skin is way smoother than women’s. Girls can do the same by trying a mild abrasive scrub on their faces, each other day. Western European girls have been using exfoliants for years. People in India and the orient had been using natural exfoliants to scrub their skin.

Soap and Natural Cleaners: Skin gurus suggest avoiding soap due to its high pH. A high pH ( alkaline ) soap will dry the skin and reduce its expectancy. The skin’s surface is softly acidic, having a pH of about five. Most soaps are well over seven, and some as high as ten. Soaps with a high pH won’t only dry the skin but also eliminate its acid mantle ( coating on the surface ). You can make good skin cleaners from natural products. For instance, products that contain plant oils,eg coconut oil, and water, mix with sebum and permit it to be melted and washed away.

At the same time, water dissolves dust. Effective skin cleaners can contain a number of different plant oils, including coconut, sesame, or palm oils. These are effective and safe cleaners and have a comparatively low pH. Stearic acid supplies the skin a pearly firmness. Another natural produce that’s increasingly helpful in skin care is seaweed. The high mineral content of seaweed excites circulation, helps eliminate poisons imbedded in the skin, and leaves the skin feeling smooth. Seaweeds can also brace the protection and healing functions of the skin by providing the required minerals.