How to Make Your Own Body Or Facial Scrub Easily

Ever thought about making a few of your own beauty products like body scrub? Well it really is not as difficult as you might have thought to be and more often than not you will probably end up with a product that is much less harsh on your skin.

To make a cheap yet effective body scrub, why not try to mix a bit of granular sugar with your body wash or hair shampoo? I have tried it myself a few times and now I keep a container in my bathroom filled with sugar for those days I decide to have a refreshing body scrub. The nice thing about using your own body wash along with the sugar is that you still get to clean yourself as usual while also removing dead skin cells. This in return will leave a healthy, glowing skin, but for even a better result remember to use a good moisturizer right after having your bath or shower.

For a cheap and effective facial scrub you can really use sugar with just about any kind of foaming face wash. The great thing about using a natural product is that there are no irritants that will cause your face to produce more oil which in return can result in more unwanted spots.

Be sure to not scrub your face more than three times a week as that can cause your skin to start being irritated which in return will leave your skin feeling dry and undernourished. By using a medicated or normal facial scrub too often and more than three times a week on an acne prone skin can also worsen your skin’s condition significantly.