Natural Honey Facial Scrub

Honey has some great natural healing properties, it has been used for centuries all over the world. It contains glucose oxidase that produces hydrogen peroxid when you combined with water. Another added benefit is that honey contains antioxidants that functions an antibacterial agents. Honey can also moisture the skin.

Honey Facial Recipes

Yogurt and Honey Facial Scrub


one drop of lavender essential oil
one teaspoon honey
one teaspoon finely ground almonds
two teaspoons finely ground oats
one tablespoon plain low fat yogurt

Next you are going to mix all the ingredients, dampen your skin using warm water and then massage the scrub on your damp skin.

There are other natural recipes for honey like Lavender facial Masks made with raw honey and 3 drops of lavender essential oil.

Medical studies have shown many added benefits of honey for skin care and anti aging properties that rejuvenate the skin making it look smooth and younger.

There is Active Manuka Honey from New Zeland that has very powerful anti aging and skin care properties that are incredible. A few skin care creams on the market use active manuka honey to rejuvenate the skin and reduce wrinkles caused by age.

The best skin care anti aging creams are made with natural ingredients, manuka honey is one of the most powerful ingredients that a skin care cream can contain, it moistures your skin, has potent anti oxidants and revitalize your skin naturally.

If you want to look years younger active manuka honey is one of the best option that you should look for in a cream.